Global Integrated Innovations Africa was born out of the need to continue the progress made in international development over the past two decades. With resources increasingly scare, yet the problems have not been solved, it became clear that that leveraging the investments already made would require new innovative ways of thinking and reaching out beyond the traditional international development paradigm. In 2011, a group of innovative leaders and health experts came together to create the organization.

Our name reflects our approach to complex human development challenges. We are Smart-Targeted-Integrated-Solutions driven with several successful projects in our portfolio. Our diverse team, combined with our proven pillars in finance, management and human resource systems offers us a powerful foundation. We have provided research support to various international research teams. Our team is multidisciplinary, with experts in public health, demography, nutrition, epidemiology, social sciences, agriculture, business and Statistical management. We have several publications and have had major impact on policy in Kenya.

We have a team of dynamic staff members who all share the core values of the organization. These staff are supported by leaders from a wide range of backgrounds, bringing a great wealth of wisdom, insight and experience to the organisation.

We have offices located in Kenya and USA.