Our name reflects our approach to complex human development challenges. We are Smart-Targeted-Integrated-Solutions driven with several successful projects in our portfolio. Our diverse team, combined with our proven pillars in finance, management and human resource systems offers us a powerful foundation. We have provided research support to various international research teams. Our team is multidisciplinary, with experts in public health, demography, nutrition, epidemiology, social sciences, agriculture, business and Statistical management. We have several publications and have had major impact on policy in Kenya.

Our Vision: To see a world where Global health and international development are avenues of domestic and international trade.

Our Mission: To domesticate global health and international development using innovation as a pillar thus promoting sustainable health and economic outcomes.

Our Objectives:

  • Develop user driven innovative solutions
  • Promote the use of evidence-based research for innovation and policy interventions
  • Promote behavior change that enhances uptake and utility of innovations
  • Synthesize and disseminate evidence that may have a promising approach for addressing barriers to optimize delivery for existing interventions.
  • Create a platform for promoting implementation research and to contribute to methods for generating, synthesizing and translating knowledge from implementation research.